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Request for information (RFI) for consultation services regarding Mechanical Continuous Ship Unloaders (MCSU)

As preliminary process prior to the issuance of a public tender or any other procedure for consultation services regarding the possibility of purchasing Mechanical Continuous Ship Unloaders (MCSU) for the unloading of Sulphur, Petroleumcoke, Minerals and non-free flowing material Products from vessels (hereinafter: "the MCSU"), to Ashdod Port Company Ltd. (hereinafter: "APC"), APC wish to receive information from consultants (hereinafter: "Proposers") as describe herein.

To that purpose, APC invites Proposer to submit responses to this request.
Details of the request appear on the internet site of APC - Click to view the RFI details.

In case the responder to this Request is a representative agent of the Proposer, responder shall submit Proposer's authorization to answer this Request or Proposer's authorization nominating responder as propser's representative agent.
Responses must be submitted no later than March 27, 2014, 12:00 IL time.