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RFI/RFD on the subject of containers scanner With a Drive-Through technology



The Ashdod Port Company Ltd (hereinafter: “the Port Company”) wishes to examine the possibility to purchase containers scanning systems by a Drive Through technology (hereinafter: “The System” and / or “The Systems”)

 For this, the Port Company requests to receive information and the performance of a demonstration and / or examination of the Systems.

The initial scanning project in the ports is intended to screen and provide security clearance for containers entering the ports from the piers in the process of imports and from the ports’ gates in the process of exports.

Because of operational implications a security and operational efficient response that prevent delays in unloading and loading of ships is necessary, one that will prevent operational loads in the port.

Therefore, the Port Company examines the possibility of using mobile scanning systems (on the pier line) and stationary systems (at the port’s gates) based on a Drive Through principle, which screens the merchandise / container on the lorry while it is moving through the screener driven by its driver.

In such a project, great importance is given to the performance of the system and its output, the radiation safety regarding the lorry’s drivers as well as a possibility of the systems interfacing integrally with the existing command and control systems of the port.

The Port Company wished to obtain information regarding suppliers and / or manufacturers of such aforementioned systems, which meet the requirements defined hereinafter, under a general examination of the subject.

 Accordingly, this RFI/RFD constitutes the first stage of collecting information and it does not constitute a public tender or any other obligating process, and it does not constitute any obligation of the Port Company to continue and / or act in any purchasing process. This request does not constitute a contract or any other legal relationship between the Port Company and any of the respondents.

However, the Port Company reserves its right to use the information obtained under this request, all in accordance with its sole discretion.


1.             Without constituting an obligation on its part, the RFI is intended for those who are engaged in the aforementioned filed and who meet the following requirements:

1.1.       The respondent is a supplier and / or manufacturer and / or an authorized agent in Israel on behalf of the manufacturer of scanning systems by a Drive Through technology in a mobile and / or stationary configuration.

1.2.       The respondent has at least one installed on site containers scanning system by a Drive Through technology.

1.3.       The respondent has an authorized service representative in Israel.

1.4.       The respondent will detail the performance abilities of the system.

1.5.       The proposed system has the ability to screen a container and / or cargo on board a lorry, with a width of 2.5 m. and a height of up to 3 m, without distortion or corner cutting.

1.6.       The system has the ability to interface to external command and control systems such as LPR, RFID, radiation monitoring, OCR, TMS etc.

1.7.       The respondent has a scanning device that meets the following international and local standards: radiation safety, electricity and environmental requirements.


 2.             The required information

Without its constituting an obligation on its part, the Port Company invites those who are engaged in the aforementioned field and who meet the above stated requirements and who are interested, to submit to the Port Company written information as detailed below:

2.1.       Details of the responding body – including company name, authorized dealer number, the company’s offices address, the location of the company’s plant and the name of the contact person at the respondent including his position, how to contact him and any other information that the respondent considers relevant.

If the respondent is the manufacturer’s representative in Israel, he must attach to the response a confirmation by the manufacturer that he is his representative and / or authorized distributor in Israel on his behalf.

2.2.       Detailed information regarding the activity of the responding body in the matter and type of systems in his possession:


2.2.1.          Experience            Where are scanning systems of the proposed type/s installed            The length of time and extent of operational and production experience            The type of cargos examined by those systems             Who is operating the systems

2.2.2.              The system           Type of scanner (stationary and / or mobile), including confirmation of proven ownership or exclusive license for the system.            Type of source and detectors            The intensity of the source            The geometry of the scanning, obtained picture quality as a function of scan time            System’s performance with regard to penetrability, contrast and resolution           Maximal size of the cargo that can be scanned by the system           The system’s foot print           Description of the scan process, duration of exhibited deciphered picture and the time it takes to obtain it.            The respondent will detail the success and failure rates of the system        The system’s life span        The system’s throughput under various operational characteristics (the pace of scanning containers)    A detailed description of the operating and   deciphering stations        Description of the storage system and retrieval of information and the ability to interface with external data and management systems       Description of the ability to operate with an interface to external command and control systems (such as RFID; OCR; LPR; TMS, radiation monitoring etc.)

2.2.3.          Work environment            Description of the construction, electrical and other required infrastructure for the operation of the system;           Meeting environmental requirements including the international standards and submitting the relevant certificates;           The required area for optimal operation including the definition of the controlled area;           The manner of moving and stationing of the mobile system.


2.2.4.          Radiation safety           The respondent will submit a radiation safety protocol that includes work under international standards and the presentation of relevant safety certificates.           Mapping radiation levels around the system and access restricted areas, maximal radiation portion per scanned item.           Maximal radiation portion in the driver’s cabin during scanning            Radiation monitoring methods on the site and in the lorry.           Details of existing interlocks as well as other safety means (in routine and emergency situations)           The manner of protecting the controlled area           The manner of tracking drivers’ exposure

2.2.5.          Maintenance         Meeting international standards and presenting relevant certificates         Required maintenance plan for the system          If the respondent has an active service and maintenance alignment, it is necessary to detail the service and maintenance alignment and the response time for customers.          Details of the system’s diminution manner

As well as any other relevant information

3.             Performance of a demonstration

3.1.       The Port Company reserves its right to examine the respondents’ scanning systems in accordance with the provided addresses and the project’s progress, based on its needs and at its sole discretion.

3.2.       If the Port Company chooses to perform the examination stage and / or the demonstration of the checking devices of the respondents, such tests shall be performed as detailed below:

3.2.1.          In stage one, the respondent will display the system to the representatives of the Port Company by presentation, detail its abilities and respond to clarification questions.

3.2.2.          In stage two, the respondent shall be prepared to demonstrate the inspection system, installed and in operation at one of the respondent’s clients, (an approval by the client allowing showing this system must be presented). There is a possibility to display the system not at a customer’s site.

3.2.3.          The respondent shall be responsible for the coordination with his client where the checking system is installed and operational as well as all the relevant operational and safety aspects for the demonstration of the checking device’s operation.

3.2.4.          Towards the performance of this stage preliminary meetings shall be held with the company’s representatives and a detailed inspection protocol will be submitted, i.e. a test plan based on the criteria established by the Port Company.

4.             The manner of responding to the RFI/RFD

4.1.       The responses must be submitted by September 17, 2008 at 16:00 IL Time to the suggestions box in the procurement section, on the first floor of the equipment department building of the Port Company.

No proposals shall be accepted after this date.

Questions and clarifications regarding this RFI/RFD, may be addressed to Mr. Bernard Ben-Yishai, in charge of security in the Port Company, Tel. 08-8517250 and / or by Fax 08-8517260.


4.2.       The responses must be submitted in five printed and bound copies as well as on computer media (CD) in an Office / PDF format; according to the numbering of the RFI document.

It is also possible to enclose additional supplementary material by magnetic media (films, presentations etc.)

4.3.       If the response relates to systems of two types (mobile and stationary), the respondent shall address each of the systems separately.

The respondent is required to enclose relevant documents, confirmations and technical specifications.

4.4.      The respondent shall prepare himself to present the response to the RFI/RFD to the Port Company’s representatives according to a test program to be prepared by the Ashdod Port Company.

4.5.       The response and presentation will be in Hebrew and if the respondent deems it necessary, he may enclose the English source version.

4.6.       This request does not create any obligation towards those responding to the RFI.

However, it shall be stated, that should the Port Company decide to continue with the next stages of the engagement processes and / or conduct a future bidding process, the Port Company shall be entitled to alter or add conditions and requirements, all of it according to its professional discretion and in accordance with its needs.

4.7.       The Port Company reserves its right to approach, as may be required, the bodies that responded to this RFI, requesting to complete the information and obtain clarifications, visit the respondents’ sites etc.

4.8.       The respondents will not be entitled to any compensation or indemnification for expenses and / or damages caused in relationship with their preparation of the response to this RFI and this demonstration. The respondents will not be entitled to any compensation or indemnification with regard to the preparation and / or submission of the response to this RFI.

The Port Company is entitled, at any time, to postpone the last date to submit the information as well as change instructions and terms related to this process, all at its sole and absolute discretion.