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Request for information (RFI) in regard the allocation of berths for container vessels, under fixed window agreements


The Ashdod Port Company Ltd. (the "APC") wishes to examine the possibility to offer a fixed weekly berth program, known as windows berth program.

The window berth program will be based on a commercial contract between the carrier and APC.

For this, the APC requests to receive information from Carriers, Ship owners or their appointed Agents.


Without any obligation, APC hereby invites Carriers, Ship owners or their appointed Agents to provide written pertinent information relating to this expected operational activity in 2009, as detailed below:

  1. Carrier details -
    Name of the carrier, Name of its appointed Agent, Agent’s address, name and position of the contact person, Tel, Fax, E-mail.

    If the respondent is an appointed agent, he must attach to the response a confirmation by the Carriers and/or by the Ship owner that he is authorized to respond on their behalf.
  2. Details on the Ashdod activity of the carrier -

    (This should be filled for each service of the carrier calling or intend to call Ashdod separately).

    2.1     Detail on the carrier service: Name of the Service, Route, Vessels’ profile on that service (Vessel Names, LOA, Beam, Ashdod Draft, Total Nominal TEU's Capacity).

    2.2     Details on the expected volumes for 2009 (This should be filled in terms of unit movements (not TEU’s)):

    a)     Annual volume expected (Import/Export/Transshipments/OOG/Empty /Reefer);

    c)     Total Average Movements per Call (all types).

    2.3     Preferred window:

    first priority -     arrival on day ________ hour ________.

    second priority - arrival on day ________ hour ________. 

    2.4     Any special request or relevant comment.



The responses must be submitted, in the form attached hereto as appendix A (This should be filled for each service of the carrier calling or intend to call Ashdod separately), by September 15th, 2008 to the suggestions box in the procurement section, on the first floor of the equipment department building of the APC.

No proposals shall be accepted after this date.

Questions and clarifications regarding this RFI, may be addressed to Mr. YEHUDA HEIMLICH, APC's business development & environmental director, Tel. 08-8517339 and / or by E-MAIL: [email protected].

This RFI constitutes the first stage of collecting information and it does not constitute a public tender, and it does not constitute any obligation of the APC to continue and / or act in the subject, or in any other manner. This request does not constitute a contract or any other legal relationship between the APC and any of the respondents.

However, the APC reserves its right to use the information obtained under this request, all in accordance with its sole discretion.

However, it shall be stated, that should the APC decide to continue with the next stages of the engagement processes and / or conduct a future process, the APC shall be entitled to alter or add conditions and requirements, all of it according to its professional discretion and in accordance with its needs.

The APC reserves its right to approach, as may be required, the bodies that responded to this RFI, requesting to complete the information and obtain clarifications, etc.

The APC is entitled, at any time, to postpone the last date to submit the information as well as change instructions and terms related to this process, all at its sole and absolute discretion.