Community Relations

Community relations are a significant element in the implementation and application of Ashdod Port Company's corporate social responsibility.

With a deep understanding of Ashdod Port's central place in the Israeli economy in general, and in the city of Ashdod in particular, the Port Company is also committed to providing social and environmental benefit as much as possible.

Naturally, most of the Port Company's activity in this area focuses on the residents of the city of Ashdod. Since its establishment, the port has served as a central economic anchor for the entire city. It is the most well-known "trademark" of the city, and a significant portion of its hundreds of employees are residents here.

Over the years a meaningful mutual relationship has been built between the Port and the city. Many important projects that express this deep bond were consistently fostered over the years. They target the city and its residents, but also - increasingly - the entire Israeli public.

Here are a number of projects and activities that the Ashdod Port Company is involved in the framework of its social responsibility and community relations:

Visitors Center 
Ashdod Port's new Visitors Center opens a window to the fascinating world of the sea ports.
In a unique journey that combines a tour of the port itself and a guided one-hour experiential trail, you will be exposed to unique films, interactive experiences and games for the wonderful complex known as the Ashdod Port. Click here for more information about the Ashdod Port Visitors Center.

simulation images of the Visitors Center
נמל אשדוד - תמונות מרכז מבקרים נמל אשדוד - תמונות מרכז המבקרים נמל אשדוד - תמונות מרכז המבקרים נמל אשדוד - תמונות מרכז המבקרים
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Encouraging employees to volunteer in the community
The Ashdod Port Company encourages its employees to volunteer and to an active part in various activities. The Port conducts various volunteer appreciation events, encourages volunteer work and makes an effort to promote this matter among all of the employees.
Among others, we will mention the Port's music group, and Raz Cohen and Dudu Zerihan, amateur magicians, who do a lot of volunteer work in the community and in general.

The Green Submarine
"The Green Submarine" is the result of cooperation between the Ashdod Port Company and the Ashdod Museum of Art - Monart Centre. This is a green section, which combines ecological scholarship with diverse artistic activity.

Educational programs

Feeling the sea
The Ashdod Port Company initiated a relationship with IMMRAC - Israel Marine Mammal Research & Assistance Center. Our cooperation is in the form of daily assistance, as well as, primarily, joint writing of study programs for preschools and schools. These programs are written and applied while working closely with the Education Administration of the Ashdod Municipality and the Yavneh Region's Municipal Association for the Environment.

Green Anchor
The Ashdod Port Company has a longstanding relationship with the Etgarim Association for the Disabled, and there is productive cooperation with their activities. This year we are working with Etgarim, the Municipal Company and the City of Ashdod to run an Etgarim program for children in special needs preschools, and we are also continuing and deepening the Port Company's joint activity with Etgarim with sailing activities for youth and adults with special needs (blind, various physical limitations, etc.).

Enosh - The Israel Association for Mental Health
The Port Company is working to promote various types of cooperation with the Enosh branch in Ashdod. This is done by various method, including the purchase of products that are produced by those who are participating in the association's programs, joint visits and other activities.

Bezalel at Ashdod Port
A joint project of the Ashdod Port Company, the Photography Department at The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, and the Ashdod Museum of Art. In the framework of the project, students of the department came during the month of May 2009 for study days where they learned "field" photography at the port. These days were conducted as part of an educational program about the port, its importance and all of its activities. 70 selected projects that will go through a professional curatorship committee, were presented in an exhibit at the Ashdod Museum.

ORT Network
The Port Company is establishing a relationship with the national ORT network in general, in order to build an academic program for international logistics, as well as to develop educational and social programs with the ORT Naval School in Ashdod.

A volunteer organization of the City of Ashdod in which employees of Ashdod Port participate. Adoption of a naval control division. (Erez Regional Control Base, Ashdod Regional Control Division).